Dr. Greengart and his staff are the most caring professional doctors I have ever met. My health, family, work and life were all used to further my well being. My prayers were answered when I found Dr.Greengart’s practice! – C.B.

Being a typical soccer mom and president of high school booster club, addiction was something that happened to other families, not me and mine. Certainly not to me! Following a car accident and then surgery I found myself in this place … addicted to painkillers. After a terrible experience with another local addiction specialist doctor, finding Dr Greengart, and his entire caring staff has been such a hopeful and reassuring experience for me. The entire office is kind and accommodating to my crazy schedule ! I can’t recommend them enough – S.T.

Dr. Greengart and his staff are very friendly and non-judge mental. They made me feel comfortable and worked with me to develop a unique and personalized plan for recovery. I attribute this personalized plan to my progress and my ability to resume a normal and productive lifestyle. A big thank you to Dr. Greengart and Midwest Health Center! – J.P.

I was too afraid to reach out to get help for addiction knowing the stigmas that are associated with it. I have never once felt shamed or ridiculed by Dr. Greengart. He helped me get my life back, which I didn’t think was possible. I wish he could be my Primary Dr!! He 100% cares about YOU & WANTS to help you. Every single penny is worth it because I know I would just be spending that money on the one thing that got me here in the first place instead of investing in helping myself. I only wish I would’ve found him sooner! – C.M.

I have suffered from chronic pain with neuropathy in my feet for years. I was using opioid pain medication for years and found it extremely difficult to stop using these meds even as I found healthier ways of dealing with the pain. Dr. Greengart was able to help me taper off these dangerous medications with a plan that helped minimize the withdrawal symptoms and give me the best chance for lasting abstinence from these very addictive medications. I feel so much happier and confident that I can live without the significant risks that come with opioid medications. Thanks you so much Dr.Greengart. – M.M.